How To Start Using NoSQL

Every summer, I like to have a learning goal. I gain — hopefully — more knowledge, and, besides I can write one of those corny posts about what I did over the summer. Two years ago, that goal was learning Clojure, and I’m still learning it, but around that time, I also wanted to explore so-called NoSQL databases, MongoDB in particular.

Well, this summer, despite a large project looming, I would like to take up learning MongoDB. I learned Clojure on a more accelerated level by finding a project where Clojure could safely be introduced, and, if a bailout was needed, could be re-implemented in a language like Python or Perl. I have to find a way to introduce MongoDB the same way.

I have been using SQL databases for years, and believe my understanding is reasonable on how and where a SQL database would be introduced. When switching to a NoSQL database, where is the starting point? I have lots of data, but how would the data be introduced?

So, then, the journey begins with how. Only time will tell.