Clojure Programming Revisited

At the time I started learning Clojure — almost two years ago — some Clojure books existed, like Programming Clojure, Practical Clojure,  and The Joy of Clojure. O’Reilly’s Clojure Programming by Chas Emeric, Brian Karper, and Christopher Grand was still being written. Of the earliest books, I like Joy of Clojure the best, because, although it does not cover a wide swath of material, it is very insightful.

In that time, I have written three medium-sized data transformation projects in Clojure, and now realize it is time to go apply more sophisticated modalities like synchronization, despite the fact that most of my work consists of very linear process step execution.

I’ve started re-reading Clojure Programming and discovered something quite nice about it. It serves quite well not only as a teaching source, but as dictionary, topic lookup, source, as well. The topics are fairly well covered, and seem as fresh today as they were when the book came out.


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