Clojure Training / Clojure Koans

I am not the first person to start learning Clojure, who is looking for tutorial-level material, and I will not be the last. My programming experience goes back thirty years, but all of that time has been using so-called imperative programming languages like PL/I, C, C++, VB/VBA/VBScript, and yes, a little bit of Java. Learning those languages both formally in the classroom and from the more experienced people in our environments could not prepare us for functional programming.

I have been using the 4Clojure web site, but found some problems marked elementary or simple seemed the opposite. I have tended to treat it as a game rather than a learning experience. I had seen Clojure Koans mentioned in Clojure Google Groups and on blogs, but never investigated it … until today.

I recommend it.






One Comment on “Clojure Training / Clojure Koans”

  1. rogerthegeek says:

    I’ve got a similar background so I am interested in your perspective. I’m in the Clojure training session before Clojure-Conj this year. I hope I get a kick start since I don’t have a lot of time to do training on my own. I have started the koans thing several times and started the books several times so the money for the training will be well spent in my case. Others may learn differently, but I tend to prefer sit down workshops. By mid-November, I hope to have bumped up my Clojure knowledge to another level.

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