Book Review: Programming Clojure

If I were to write my What I Did This Summer essay this Fall — it would be how I struggled to learn the Clojure language. Since May of this year, using book review recommendations, I’ve purchased Practical Clojure (Apress) and The Joy of Clojure (Manning).

In addition, Chas Emerick is writing Clojure Programming (O’Reilly) which, along with Clojure in Action, is about to be released in early Fall.

Stuart Halloway’s Programming Clojure (Manning) was reviewed as an excellent book, but one comment said it was older and only covered Clojure 1.0. Although I value the books I’ve purchased, unfortunately I fell for the comment that Programming Clojure was an older book. As a result I initially missed out on a very well written book that helps guide those of us who are new to functional programming (FP) into the Clojure language. In other words, this is a very good book for those of us not used to Lisp or functional programming.

As it is with many books, especially some of the advanced Python books I’ve purchased, I’ll come back to the other books I’ve purchased as references or to take advantage of another viewpoint, so I am not disappointed to have purchased them.

I’m on a mission to learn well, appreciate, and eventually use Clojure in our production environment. For me this is serious enough that I’ve enrolled in a to-be-announced, instructor-led Clojure course at http:/ .

Having programmed in many different languages, I heartily recommend Programming Clojure as a good book overall and certainly a good first book for Clojure.



2 Comments on “Book Review: Programming Clojure”

  1. A second edition of Programming Clojure is in development with Aaron Bedra: . I too, come back To Stu’s book often instead of Joy or In Action.

  2. Octopusgrabbus says:

    Thanks for your comment. I’ll be looking for the updated book, and I hope Stuart’s style is maintained, if only somewhat.

    Hopefully, I was clear enough that I am not elevating one of these books over another. It’s just that my learning style is currently a better match with Stuart’s book than the others. At some point, I’ll rely more heavily on other books.

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